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Under $100

A few things (all under $100) that I think you and I need for this summer…

Under 100

Trousers, Necklace, Pumps, Overalls, Wedges, Bikini


This Is Love

Some of you may understand the feeling of loving a pair of shoes so much it hurts. In my case it usually hurts because said shoes cost more than 1 months rent, therefore leaving a feeling of emptiness in me that cannot be filled by a mere pair of Sam Edelmans. Sure Sam makes some great shoes, I can personally attest to that, as I did wear a perfect pair of black flats with gold chain across the toe through at least 2 years of college. I speak fondly of those shoes because at a time when old jeans were not longer fitting those shoes always did. No amount of cheap beer could make those shoes not fit (not the case for the rest of my wardrobe in college unfortunately). I loved those flats, but I loved them in a “… your practical and chic” kind of way, not like “the sun rises and sets on these shoes!” kind of love. In my case that type of love is reserved for lady friends, my cat, my man roommate,  family members and yes that “perfect” shoe. Are you offended that I just put shoes in the same category as family? I’m dramatic and I don’t mean that literally. But getting back to my initial point, last spring Charlotte Olympia came out with the most perfect pair of wedges, that still to this day I love. I know this isn’t surprising to anyone because she makes the best damn shoes I’ve ever seen. Now they are no longer available, not that it would matter because I’m still not planning on dropping that much cash on a pair of shoes. So this weekend while I was out shopping I found a cute pair of wedges (on sale!) and so I tried them on, and yes they were still cute, but they weren’t stealing my heart the way a pair of smoking slippers with cat faces on them would, but then it came to me! With a little DIY action I could make these very affordable shoes, the kind of shoes that can make my heart beat a little faster. So with a little Sunday crafting these shoes are now my Charlotte Olympia inspired heart breakers! See below how giant yarn balls can turn cute shoes into the best shoes ever. (Yarn ball tutorial to come this week).





Black & White

I’m out of hibernation and the outfit posts are back. It may officially be Spring but Minneapolis thinks that Spring is a silly joke, and the temperature here has yet to acknowledge the new season. So until it warms up a bit I’ll be here, wearing some version of this outfit.


Vest: Rachel Zoe,  Coat: Alexander Wang,  Shirt:  F21 (Men’s),  Jeans: Gap,  Booties: vintage, Sunglasses:  Nasty Gal

100% Effective at Gettin Dat Swag On

SNL was hilarious this weekend- this digital short in particular. If you haven’t already seen it clicky clicky.

Nuva Bling

Again From Paris (From My Apt in Minneapolis)

So speaking of skirts that don’t really cover your lady things… Here comes Givenchy


Besides the skirts, the subtle salute to the 90s via plaid, is everything (it’s such a great feeling knowing I can rollover the majority of this Fall/Winter wardrobe to next year). The plaid mixed with a floral and something that slightly resembles a puffy vest tied around the waist is what dream outfits are made of. I don’t think I’ve seen a single image from this show that I didn’t like, swim caps included.


More Givenchy right this way people!


Thanks to style.com I had a lovely Sunday watching slide shows from the presentations in Paris. One show that I particularly liked was Kenzo. Pants that match your shoes could be the coolest thing since wearing see through skirts and lets be honest I can always get behind fur, especially when it’s that perfect shade of light blue. The middle image is hands down my favorite though. That jacket is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.


I highly suggest that you watch the full show. Clicky clicky!

Baguette Situation

Ahhh the Baguette. Maybe to some the baguette is no longer relevant, I myself must admit that a couple of weeks ago I would have said “OOO the Fendi Baguette… That was a great episode!”  obviously referring to the Sex And The City episode where Carrie’s Fendi gets stolen and she shouts after the thief— “It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette!” It is a somewhat iconic little piece of Fendi and fashion history, yet it is not entirely history. There are about a million different versions of it and still with all that reincarnation I have never seen a Baguette that I REALLY loved. I think until now I have always associated the Baguette with a late 90’s sort of feeling. That was the case until I until I came across this number 1 bag in Marie Claire.  I also had to include a photo from this past Fashion Week just a bring my point home- you can’t keep a good Baguette down.



 Photo via style.com


And because this post would not be complete without a photo of Carrie and one of her Bauguettes.

Monday Inspiration

With NYC & and London Fashion Week having come and gone I have found myself more inspired by fashion than usual. To be honest the street style is probably my favorite part of FW. Although sometimes it is criticized for being somewhat of a circus I would not have it any other way. The more outrageous the sartorial choices, the better! For some fun Monday inspiration here are some of my favorite looks….

Above images via Tommy Ton Tumblr

Above images via harpersbazzar.com

V Day

Because Valentines comes but once a year and the holiday title can be shortened to “V Day,” I will not refuse myself the small indulgence in making lady jokes about lady parts. But I can promise you that I will keep it to a minimum in the month of Febreuary, or at least I’ll try.  Soooo speaking of lady parts, I’ve made a collage of other pink things. I say buy all this shit for yourself because Pandora commercials have convinced men that you want a Pandora charm bracelet with a “Red Hot Love Bead,” for Valentines Day, and that just makes me sad.


 J Crew Loafers, OPI Polishes, Forever 21 Heart PJs, J Crew iPhone5 Case, TopShop Lipstick in Rio RioCupcakes and Cashmere’s Book, Coolest Sunglasses Ever!

DIY Lucite Clutch

If you are not so unlike myself than this Sunday means nothing more or less to you than last Sunday. This Sunday, like every other Sunday (in my humble opinion) is a day for brunch, picking up dry cleaning, maybe a little shopping and perhaps an easy DIY project. While your boyfriend is unavailable due to too much Bud Light, an extra long game of football, and Beyonce shakin it, you can be making this coolio clear clutch. It’s simple and I’m pretty sure that even without this tutorial you could do it, but in true blogger fashion I chronicled all 1.5 steps for you. Your welcome. But before you can shout to the world “Look! I’m not on my period” via clear purse and said purse’s contents (minus a tampon) you will need to gather a few things. Cue first photo…Lucite1

You can find these things on Amazon or at Michales. The knobs can be purchased at Home Depot or Anthro, and Amazon has an array of acrylic boxes to choose from. Click here for options.