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Month: June, 2013

DIY: Dressing Up A Clutch

DIY Clutch

I recently picked up the camel version of this clutch while I was on vacation in California. As I was standing in the line to check out I almost decided to put it back, because although I thought it was cute it wasn’t anything to write home about. But before I put it back this DIY idea struck me and so I decided to keep it- and now I have this cute and cheeky summer clutch. Another great idea I got from my girlfriend was buying these to have them monogrammed- just in case pom poms aren’t your thing. I’ve personally never met a pom pom I didn’t like but if your more the monogram type go for it! Happy Friday!








Road Trip Photo Diary


My trip started in Minneapolis, Shane and I were packing up and moving back home to Idaho. My parents came to visit and help Shane and I move all of our things. Luckily we squeezed in a lot of fun stuff aside from all the moving responsibilities. We decided to take a more scenic route home from Minneapolis to Boise, and stopped to see Mount Rushmore. I had never been to Mount Rushmore, and I was really happy to have been able to do that with my parents. We also drove through Yellowstone on the way home, and even though I have been there before it was still just as stunning the second time through. After being home for just shy of a week, my sister and I packed up her car and drove to California. She recently started a new job in San Jose and we went down a week early to spend a few days in California before her new job started. We visited San Francisco, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, and spent quite a bit of time in Campbell, which is her new home. I really couldn’t have asked for a better start to my summer than wine tasting with my sister, hanging out with my best girlfriends, sandy beaches and being able to spend time with my family again.


For: Summer Road Trips

Road Trip

It’s been an entire month since I’ve shown ┬ámy face on this place- I apologize. I have been moving, unpacking, road tripping, and unpacking some more, but I am officially settled into my new apartment and therefore I am back to blogging. I recently took a road trip that helped inspire this post. These are some of my top picks for summer trips! I hope everyone has been enjoying the start to their summer! I will share photos from my trip later this week! xoxo

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