Chaos To Couture

by mindingstyle

My Monday night came to an end much like many other fashion lovers out there- with a string of phone calls and texts to my sister to discuss each celeb’s sartorially choice for the Met Gala as their photos surfaced online. I had met a girlfriend for dinner and drinks after work and then ran multiple errands which meant that I arrived home much later than usual and had missed the beginning of the photos, but my sister was on the phone reassuring me that I would love Nicole, Cameron, SJP- the usual roundup for me, and of course she was right. But then again it was the Met so you really can’t hate any of it. The extremity of it all is really the best part. Below are a few snippets from said phone calls & texts:

“If the theme this year was “look like an impossibly gorgeous angel unicorn goddess” instead of “punk” than obviously Blake lively won again.”

“Ivanka Trump is a mermaid”

“Rooney Mara looks exactly like Rooney Mara”

“Kim K has no hands”

“This bi*ch makes me want to throw up!! #bestdressed #2013metgala @nicolerichie”

Ok ok that last one was actually Rihanna, but I didn’t want to assume that you actually cared at all about what my sister and I discussed last night on the phone- but if you do care here are some of our faves from the evening… Who was on your “Best Dressed” list? Please share!

Cameron Diaz Anne Hathaway Carey Mulligan Chloe Sevigny Jamie King Jessica Biel Julianne Hough             Minka Kelly              Nicole Richie