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Month: January, 2013

DIY Lucite Clutch

If you are not so unlike myself than this Sunday means nothing more or less to you than last Sunday. This Sunday, like every other Sunday (in my humble opinion) is a day for brunch, picking up dry cleaning, maybe a little shopping and perhaps an easy DIY project. While your boyfriend is unavailable due to too much Bud Light, an extra long game of football, and Beyonce shakin it, you can be making this coolio clear clutch. It’s simple and I’m pretty sure that even without this tutorial you could do it, but in true blogger fashion I chronicled all 1.5 steps for you. Your welcome. But before you can shout to the world “Look! I’m not on my period” via clear purse and said purse’s contents (minus a tampon) you will need to gather a few things. Cue first photo…Lucite1

You can find these things on Amazon or at Michales. The knobs can be purchased at Home Depot or Anthro, and Amazon has an array of acrylic boxes to choose from. Click here for options.






Bookshelf (Re)Styling

Lately I have had tunnel vision in regards to our apartment. When Shane and I moved in together a little over a year and a half ago it was somewhat of a whirlwind. There was not a lot of time spent getting our apartment in order as living in a new city provided lots of other exciting things to do and so the apartment kind of took a backseat. It was a lovely apartment with high ceilings and a fireplace so it was okay to be left alone. It was a great apartment without a lot of work. Our current apartment however is in a slightly older building and although it has great views and we are in a great part of the city it does lack a certain charm that our Omaha apartment offered, so I have spent more time creating that charm myself. And even though there are still many things that I’d still like to tackle in the upcoming months our little place is really coming together. I spent this weekend re-styling a bookshelf that had started to become cluttered with everyday things like mail, and odds and ends that needed a different home. A pretty picture frame, a stack of my favorite fashion books, and the token Eiffel tower replica trinket that I brought home from my summer in Paris is really all that it took. I also added some DIY art and a new pair of pumps that coincidentally matched pretty perfectly. Not sure how long those will last though, as I don’t think that Shane and I share the same feelings about pretty shoes being on display in the living room. Overall this project cost next to nothing but really dressed up the space. I hope this Monday post inspires you to do something creative this week!





Love/Hate Resort Relationship

As the title begins to describe I love and hate resort collections. Love- because when you start getting tired of your winter layers (never thought I’d say it) and your dark colors that felt so chic 2 months ago, out of nowhere pops up little resort collections full of those beachy brights reminding you of better times (so dramatic). However I live in Minneapolis and have no tropical trips planned this winter but still I have been shopping for shorts for 2 weeks now! This explains the hate. Thanks to the resort collections I’m officially ready for a trip to anywhere with warmer temps. But just because I live in the midwest,and as I mentioned before have no such trip planned I will not deprive you (or myself for that matter) of a little resort shopping. I can hold on to thoughts of a vaca and if you are lucky enough to be traveling somewhere warm please take this outfit with you. It deserves to be more than a collage on my computer. K thanks love you bye.


Shades, Shorts, Blazer, Tank, Shoes (On Sale Now!)

Save Or Splurge

These two dresses are so similar it should be illegal, but since it’s not, don’t mind if I do. “Thanks a lot H&M!” said everyone except Marc Jacobs. The H&M version is a little more “bodycon-ish” ergo slightly less chic (in my opinion) but that could be easily fixed with some tough ankle booties or a slouchy blazer.

SOS 1Marc by Marc Jacobs, H&M

Happy Holidays And Happy New Year!

Ok I know this may seem a little late, but for a girl who was born to a mother who almost routinely sends out her Christmas cards around Valentines day (insert guilty feelings here for throwing my dear mother under the bus) this doesn’t seem all that weird or late. So this is a little Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Minding Style. I hope that you all enjoyed the season and had a relaxing and safe holiday! This year I had my Christmas cards made by Letter A Paper Co. and I was so happy with how they turned out! This Christmas marked the 1st year anniversary of adopting our kitty Greta, so I wanted her to be incorporated into the card somehow, and my dear friend Stacia, of Letter A Paper Co. did so brilliantly! So here it is! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

CCYou can view the Letter A Paper Co. online portfolio here.