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Month: December, 2012

Black & Gold



Black and gold is good for any occasion if you ask me, it’s so Rachel Zoe and it always looks sharp no matter how you combine it. These options are so perfect for the holidays, especially that ador skirt. I think it doubles as a tree skirt. Just an idea. Happy Tuesday!


Drop Waist Dress, Golden Blazer, Leather Trimmed Skirt, Gold Chain Necklace, Pumps, Gold Cuff 


I’m Ron Burgundy?

(Just had to squeeze 1 Anchor Man joke in.) I know this is not a new trend but I still can’t get enough of it this winter. I recently had to leave my heart (and by heart I mean a burgundy pair of leather driving gloves) behind because, while they were on sale, I was not shopping for myself. I was out Christmas shopping and I was trying to stick to the plan of “No goodies for me!” It’s wasn’t easy. This will be the first of a couple posts about trends/colors/things I think are great for winter and the upcoming holidays. The dress below is backless and beautiful! It would be perfect for your company Christmas party, and those boots are practically begging me to wear them with a cute little dress and over the knee socks… Just a thought. More to come next week. Happy FRIDAY!


Backless Satin ShiftBurgunday BeanieBurgundy Booties, Contrasting Sleeves Coat

Less Screens Please

Hello again! I have been out for about a week now on a little hiatus brought on by the unfortunate amount of time I spend in front of “screens.” Between the iPhone, iPad, laptop and TV in our apartment its has just become too much. My roomate/boyfriend and I have discussed this many times before ultimately turning off the TV and putting down the iPad and going to the library to get library cards. We have after all been Hennepin county/Minneapolis residents for about 6 months now. So Shane grabbed a Time magazine addressed to him and a Vogue addressed to me and we drove down to the library. It took two pieces of mail and about five seconds to get registered for a library card, and only 5 minute for me to find 3 different books. How long had it been since I had been to a library? Do people even use public libraries anymore? (Those questions posed were supposed to be like a voice over of what I was thinking on the drive to the library…) Well apparently they do, because this particular library seemed to be quite the hang out spot. But I obviously had no idea because I haven’t stepped foot in one since college, and even then it was more by force than anything else.

But like I mentioned, I picked up 3 different books in just the short time I had before they were closing, and I finished the first book in about 3 days. I was happy to be doing something more simple then what a friend of mine used to call “telivisionphonernetting,” which meant you were on your phone and surfing the web while watching TV. I can hardly read the last sentence allowed without laughing because it’s kind of terrible. Since when did I become bored so easily? I can’t just watch a movie anymore without checking my Instagram multiple times, cruising blogs or other things of that nature. I don’t want to be dependent on my phone or the internet. Sure they are extremely helpful at times, I don’t want to live without them completely. I’d be lost without the navigation on my phone (I’d hardly know how to get to work. I’m challenged when it comes to directions to say the least). I grab my phone or Shane’s iPad every time I need to look up a fact or the definition of a word I come across that I am not familiar with, but what I wanted to change was grabbing my phone because I was bored, or even worse just out of habit.

In an effort to get back to reality we have designated the week nights in our apartment “no screen nights.” This means longer dinners at the table talking about our day, taking evening walks, exploring a city that is still new to us, and just being more present in the moment. The book I just finished called On Canaan’s Side had a passage that readThe pleasure in something cooked right, just the small and strangely infinite pleasure to be had from seeing, from witnessing a tray of freshly baked biscuits. Like I had just completed the Parthenon, or carved Jefferson into a rock face, or maybe the contentment, felt in the very sinews, of the bear when he digs a salmon out of the water with his paw. Mightily healing, deeply, and what else could we have come here for, except to sense these tiny victories?” Although the tiny victories Sebastian Barry refers to may not be your victories I think you can still see his point.  You may not be a cook and your definitely not a bear, I just like the message. Tiny victories are happening all around us everyday and I want to be present in those moments. I want to be more aware and more thankful for all of my tiny victories. I couldn’t agree more with the end of that passage “… what else could we have been sent here for, except to sense these tiny victories?” Although this is hardly the first thing you have read with this same message (I dare say I even see it becoming a trend) I did think it was important to share with you. Writing it down here will hold me accountable. I guess we can say my early New Year’s resolution is less screen time and more time being present in life’s tiny victories.

PS- I will continue to blog, which may seem hypocritical to some, but I enjoy it and it’s not something I want to quit altogether. I will just have to find different times and better ways to do it, as to not disrupt “living.” Happy Tuesday!

Boyfriend Jeans

I’ve had these jeans for quite some time and I just recently rediscovered them, and now I can’t take them off! I walked downtown this weekend to do a little Christmas shipping and these jeans were perfect for the outing, comfy but chic! If the necklace looks familiar that’s because it was from my Fab Find post! It’s been getting a lot of use… What’s in your regular rotation lately?

Boyfriend Jeans3

Boyfriend Jeans1

Boyfriend Jeans2

Boyfriend Jeans4

Boyfriend Jeans5

Trench: Gap, Top: Banana Republic, Jeans: Banana Republic, Belt: Zara, Necklace: F21, Hat: Gap, Shoes: Vintage (no label), Bag: Zara