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Month: October, 2012

Star Wars

I should apologize in advance for what your about to see/read… I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but I can sometimes be blinded by trends. I love fashion and sometimes I get all caught up, heart beating fast, giddy about it. During the last fashion week, I was glued to my computer, instagram, blogs etc. I love taking in the street style and getting glimpses into all the beautiful shows. Its a little peek into heaven, and it’s right there on my computer screen. Really this is a good thing, but is also brings me to this topic. A few weeks back (4 or 5) during fashion week I kept finding street style shots of extremely fashionable women in Star Wars shirts. There were more than just Star Wars shirts though, we saw a lot of shirts with quirky sci-fi like pictures and witty words, and for some reason they just caught my eye. I should maybe have prefaced this post with a little background info, but I’ll interject it now just to clarify. I have seen Star Wars, I would not call myself a fan though. I don’t hate it but I just don’t really care for it. I went into Target and was perusing through the men’s side in search of a baggy white T, but instead stumbled upon the shirt below. A Star Wars shirt!!! I was so excited, I was digging through the piles of options, and already pairing them with things I own at home. It was the best $12 I have spent as of late. When I got the shirt home, my boyfriend gave me a strange look and asked curiously (or probably more confused than curious- he already knew the answer) “Do you like Star Wars?”  “Well…” I responded “I don’t NOT like Star Wars.”  How do you explain to a man, or anyone for that matter, trends for the sake of trends. Sure, the Star Wars tops that belong to those of fashion’s elite that I follow online were not from the Target men’s section, but for a mere $12 I could have a tiny little piece of this giant fashion world. Although this story is eye-rolling worthy to many of you, to me its why I love fashion. Although it can be serious and intimidating, it can also be funny, whimsical, and weird as shit. A Star Wars shirt is weird but paring it with a middy length pencil, some dainty jewelry and a fur snood makes it cool to me and that’s all that matters. That is really the whole point. When you get up in the morning get dressed in whatever you want. Follow trends, follow your own path, or maybe like me, you just fall somewhere in between.  Either way, just be you! Happy Wednesday!Image via stylesnooperdan

Image via stylesnooperdan

Jacket: Alexander Wang  Skirt: Ann Taylor  Shirt: Target (men’s section)  Purse: Furla  Shoes: Banana Republic  Watch: Michael Kors  Necklaces: F21  Sunnies: Target


Fox Is The New Black

I just think these are ridiculously cute! Don’t you? Happy Tuesday!

  1. Foxy Sweater
  2. F21 Foxy Sweater
  3. Foxy Sweater- On Sale Now!
  4. Yellow Foxy


It’s Getting Cold

It seems that the cold may officially be setting in here in Minneapolis. It’s way too early if you ask me, but nobody did so I’ll get over it. One of my first steps in “getting over it” is buying a knee length down jacket, complete with a fur lined hood. That will be happening this week. Sure it might not be the most stylish thing I’ll ever own but it will be the most practical I own when the weather dips below zero. I have a great friend who owned one of these coats in college, and I think that’s where my inspiration is stemming from.  We called it the “sleeping bag coat.” Great things about a sleeping bag coat that you may not have yet realized– it can hide that fact that you are not wearing a bra, or that you are still in your pj’s while out in public getting breakfast (probably not wearing a bra in this situation either).  I know these things typically only happen after a night like Halloween for instance, or every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of college. Either way, think about it… Could be useful. But back to today’s topic, because I didn’t intend to get so off track (or on track) by talking about going bra-less. I’ve been warned that it will be below zero for most of the winter here in Minneapolis (insert sad face, sigh, tears etc. here). So in preparation for the upcoming months here are some fashionable choices for winter. Then, just to bring this whole rambling story full circle I added a sleeping bag coat just in case you hate bras too.

  1. Vince Boiled Wool Seater
  2. Rag and Bone Burgundy
  3. Faux Leather Sleeve Coat 
  4. Molded Cocoon Coat
  5. Military Coat
  6. Sleeping Bag Coat

Fab Finds

I picked you out an outfit, and it’s all on sale. Your welcome! For my fab find this week I searched through Topshop’s big sale and found a few fun pieces. FYI I don’t heart sports, but I do heart that sweatshirt! I would layer all these pieces to make the perfect fall ensemble.

Borrowing From Boys

I’m having a moment with men’s clothing right now. Lucky for me my boyfriend doesn’t mind me sneaking over to his side of the closet, because its been happening more than usual lately. A little tip from a seasoned shopper- Never overlook the men’s side of the store. Although the men’s section is usually tiny, I cant deny that sometimes you can find great things on “their” side of the store. Another pro is that typically men’s clothing is less expensive. I actually bought this button up for my boyfriend last year, but the color is so on trend for this season and paired with my black fur vest and skinnies it makes the perfect outfit… Kind of casual chic! Happy Wednesday!

Jeans: f21 Shirt: Borrowed Shoes: Steve Madden Vest: Rachel Zoe Watch: Michael Kors

Printed Pants

Printed pants can be intimidating, it takes being a very selective and patient shopper to find the right pair for you. When I came across these earlier this year I was thrilled. I loved the fit and the leopard print, all they needed was to be hemmed which was easy! If printed pants are typically something you shy away from then try a pair with a flattering fit and keep the top simple and classic. If the mere thought of mixing patterns doesn’t make you dizzy then I say mix it up. Mixing patterns is one of my favorite trends at the moment. I kept it pretty simple for work but really the possibilities are endless. I like to think of leopard as a basic. Happy Tuesday!

Pants: JCrew Top: F21 Shoes: Jessica Simpson Necklace: Kate Spade Watch: Michael Kors Bracelets: BCBG, F21, Kate Spade

Bedroom Makeover

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Mine was quite productive. I finished the bedroom and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. What used to be a gloomy little corner now has a little life and also serves as a second closet. One of my goals in updating our bedroom was to make a little more room in the closet for my boyfriend, since before this weekend I was occupying about 90% of it. I got the hanging rack at Ikea, and I think it will be perfect for storing the things I wear most.  I made a couple other small changes as well and our tiny bedroom now feels a bit cozier! The new curtains hide the unattractive  blinds and the little ottoman is for Greta to sit on and look out.



Life in Instagram

TGIF! I’ll be working on a couple of projects this weekend. I am hoping to make a few small changes to our bedroom. I’ve been feeling like it’s in need of a little update lately. I will also be working on some DIY fall decor. Pictures of these to come next week! Have a great weekend!

Itsy Bitsy Clutch

Its taken me some time to reach this point I’ll admit, but I’m loving the minaudiere trend. I’ve always been a fan of giant bags. At one point in my life I carried a bag that was large enough to hold an entire 30 pack of cheap beer. But that was then (college) and the minaudiere is now. I have picked out a few that, despite their size, would add serious style to any outfit. Even though they will barely fit your iPhone, credit card, and a lipstick sometimes we just have to sacrifice practicality for style, and these baby sized clutches are stylish. My particular fave is the feathery beauty at the bottom! Happy Thursday!




1. House of Harlow Snake Print Clutch

2. Expressions NYC Box Clutch

3. Kate Spade Bird Clutch

4. Navoh Feather Clutch

Fall Calls For Fur

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love fur vests. I own more than one, unfortunately for my boyfriend who doesn’t quite share in my enthusiasm for fur vests. They are perfect for layering over a casual outfit with jeans or over a dress for night. They are some of the most versatile pieces I own. Below are a few options from this season (real and faux, high and low price points). I’m loving the olive option from Diane von Furstenberg… A girl can dream! Happy Wednesday! 








  1. Diane von Furstenberg 
  2. Diane von Furstenberg
  3. BCBG Faux Fur Vest
  4. Steve Madden  Faux Fur Vest